E·ly·sian (adj.) – being of such surpassing excellence as to suggest inspiration by the gods

Elysian Voices is a professional vocal ensemble dedicated to the transformative power of choral music. We embrace the past, promote the present, and foster the future of the choral art through our devotion to excellence in performance, engaging programming, and new music. The ensemble expresses its commitment to artistic enrichment, humanitarian support, and educational outreach through innovative and revelatory performances, benefit concerts, and vocal workshops.

                    In spring 2013, Elysian Voices is performing and recording throughout the Northern Illinois region–visit our performances page for times and places–please visit our “performances” page for more details.  ElysianVoices will hold its annual auditions in May 2013 for the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin regions –visit our “auditions” page for dates and details.  For even more information and audition requirements contact us by email at info@ElysianVoices.com.   Feel welcome to look through our website for more about us and about what we are doing in the northern Midwest area!

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