ElysianVoices engages musical, educational, and humanitarian causes.  Past workshops have included “Choir Building–How to Create a Dynamic  Choir” (presented at the In-Home Educational Conference of Illinois); humanitarian efforts have included the 7-8-9-10-11 concert of September 10, 2011, where ElysianVoices hosted representatives of 7 religious traditions and 8 choirs on 9/10/11 in a concert on the theme of ‘peace’ in Rockford’s historic Coronado Theatre. Performances frequently include collaborations with other outstanding ensembles, such as the Renovo String Ensemble of Evanston/Chicago, IL, and premieres of works by such recognized American composers as Edie Hill, Daniel Pinkham, and Paul Carey.  Future concerts include a reenactment of the original performance of Handel’s Messiah with period instruments; “Magnificent Magnificats,” a concert of magnificats by Pachelbel, Bach, Mendelssohn, and Imant Ramisch; “The Colors of Music”, a concert of compositions about colors; “Heavenly Song” , a concert about heavens, utopias, ecstastic states of being; and in 2013, “The Faces of Love” a series of concerts of love songs by such composers as Brahms, Paulus, McCartney, Obrecht, and Paul Halley.

ElysianVoices is a proud member of
Chorus America.

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